Can not having a bowel movement cause back pain?

If you have any questions, defecate on a regular basis, you may be constipated. Constipation is defined as having at least three bowel movements per week.

The blockage can cause dull pain in the rectal area or in the lower part of the belly that stretches the section of your back. Sometimes back pain can be infection or tumor, resulting side effects, like constipation

.In other cases, back pain with constipation, can not be. More about the causes of these conditions may help you determine if they are to each other.

Constipation causes

Constipation appearance depends on many factors, including diet, exercise, stress. The base, usually small constipation diet.

Can not having a bowel movement cause back pain?

Hooks includes common causes:lack of brain or physical pain or hormonal changesdehydrationspinal back to dietpregnancy level underground injurieslow you constipation and lower back pain pain in activitystresscertain medicationsLower painIf it is possible that your lower back pain and constipation in the relationship. Section which are can cause discomfort in the back in the rectal area or in the city precaution.

If arch is the most severe disease, are in connection with a state, your castle such as:irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)back pain experiencing severe nerve spinal cord at injuryParkinson diseasepinched backspinal tumor

If you should always consult with a physician.Treatment for constipation typically consists of lifestyle changes or diet. You can also use laxatives or suppositories for the short term treatment.

can not having a bowel movement cause back pain

Now buy laxatives. Here is some General lifestyle changes can help relieve constipation:add fiber to your diet. Whole grain bread and vegetables such as green peas, broccoli, green peas, provides your body with dietary fiber, it.

For the passage of stool through the intestine fiber is increases your abilities. Increase water intake. Being dehydrated can contribute to constipation. Dry places can be difficult to pass.

Try to drink 64 oz of water a day.To obtain regular exercise. Regular exercise will improve the use of muscles. It also increases activity in the intestine. If before exercise you have problems, consult your doctor before beginning a workout regimen.To maintain the schedule.

Can not having a bowel movement cause back pain?

If you are trying to use daily, around the same time in the bathroom, which also increases the possibility that the body of the permanent chair.You are treating constipation, it is recommended to use over-the-counter painkillers for back pain and warmers.

If constipation are successfully treated and the disease persists, consult your doctor identify the causes of discomfort in the lower back on your.


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